Below are questions that our customers frequently ask us, which you might also find helpful.

For any other questions please feel free to contact us at admin@moneywise.org.uk

Frequently asked questions

How do I save?

You can start saving from as little as £1 per week and save any amount up to a total amount of £35,000. Deposits can be made at any local branch or collection point by cash or cheque. You can even set up a standing order or direct debit to make regular payments into your savings account, direct from your bank account. We have arranged with some employers that staff can pay into their savings accounts directly from their wages. Call us to find out if we have a scheme with your employer. If not, we will be happy to talk to your employer about setting up a payroll scheme with them. More information is on our Payroll page.

You can be sure that your money is in safe hands with us. We are Regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority, which means that we operate to the same standards as any bank or building society. We are here for you and we always put the needs of our members first.

Instead of receiving annual interest on your savings, members receive a share of our annual profits, known as a dividend. The dividend is paid annually after the annual general meeting. Please note there is no guarantee a dividend will be paid each year.

You can withdraw money from your savings account during branch opening hours, however you must leave a minimum balance of £5.