Moneywise launch new Digital Toolkit

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Here at Moneywise we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our new Digital Toolkit, designed so that any of our partners will have a raft of marketing materials to promote our services to their employees or communities.

Based around 4 key themes of Save regularly, Borrow wisely, Plan carefully and Spend within your means, the Toolkit includes posters, leaflets, brochures and social media posts, and will be added to as we develop new resources.

Chairperson, Phil Goad said: “We’re very excited about our Digital Toolkit. We have many partners who ask us ‘how can we promote your services to our staff or communities better?’ This Toolkit will ensure that they have those resources to hand now. We’re keen to work with partners to assist in getting the message out there that credit unions are a real ethical alternative for savings and loans.”

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